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Frequently Asked Questions


  • · Do you do exams?

  • · What sort of method do you teach?

  • · What are your experience and qualifications?

  • · How much do you charge?


Do you do exams?

Yes - for those students who wish to do so, I am happy to enter them for Piano, Theory and/or Musicianship exams and have an impeccable record of achieving excellent results. However, I prefer not to enter student for exams in the early years as my practice is to teach over and above the syllabus requirements of all examination boards and I find that focus on regular exams slows the general progress of my students.   Usually I prefer to wait until students are at a more intermediate level when the more detailed focus on specific repertoire is more beneficial.   I also have many students, particularly teenagers, who choose to play purely for pleasure and these students are never pressured to sit exams.



What sort of method do you teach?

I don't use method books.   Every student is different and my approach is tailored to the individuality of each student. Some students like to work meticulously through an exam syllabus (obviously not in the beginner years),  some only want to play jazz; others want to learn to play by ear or learn chords to harmonise a song or melody line; still others want to learn how to compose their own music or write down their creative ideas. Whatever the aim, in general I like to ensure that all students have a thorough grounding in good technique and sound rudimentary skills.



What are your experience and qualifications?

I’ve been teaching in private practice for over 45 years and during that time have specialized in many different areas, including early childhood music and high school curriculum development (Steiner). I also hold teaching and performance diplomas from WAAPA* and the AMEB* and have recently retired from positions on a number of boards and committees including President of WAMTA*, the advisory committee of the AMEB*, the Council of MEPAC*, Co-Chair of the APPC* in WA and Co-Chair of the WAPPC*.  I have retained my position on the national committee of APPC, adjudicate composition and piano competitions and regularly attend local, national and Australasian conferences, both as a speaker and as a scholar in order to stay abreast of current trends in piano pedagogy.


*WAAPA Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts

*AMEB Australian Music Examinations Board

*WAMTA West Australian Music Teachers’ Association
*APPC Australasian Piano Pedagogy Conference

* WAPPC Western Australian Piano Pedagogy Conference

* MEPAC Music Education Professional Associations Council



How much do you charge?

My weekly fee structure for 2024 is as follows:

45 minute lesson  ..............................    $95
60 minute lesson ..............................     $120

*** Please note that I do not give 30 minute lessons.  This is because the various elements important to a well rounded musical education cannot be adequately covered in a 30 minute lesson.  In particular, young children must be able to work at their own pace, taking the time needed to process information, without being rushed.  I recognise the many financial and time constraints on families these days and will do my best to provide as thorough a grounding as possible within the time at my disposal.  Adults at any level will require a minimum of 45 minutes per lesson.  

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