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Piano Lessons

Jo has been teaching piano for more than 45 years and has a wealth of experience with all age groups. In general, she prefers to take children over the age of 7 (although there are always exceptions) and recommends group classes filled with musical fun and games for younger children.


Teenagers enjoy Jo’s relaxed approach and are encouraged to express their often turbulent emotional life through their music.  For many teens, the upper high school years are stressful and Jo encourages her students to make the most of their musical skills to enhance and support their academic studies rather than allow their musical studies to become an additional stress.


Adults are particularly welcome (especially when they don't have to be fitted in after school) whether beginners or taking up where they have left off years before.  In most cases, Jo will only use primers where absolutely necessary and has an enormous range of material at all levels to appeal to all tastes, including simple arrangements of favourite classics and popular music as well as early level jazz.


Jo holds regular recitals and soirees for her piano students in small groups in a relaxed, informal environment which encourages them to play for one another in a supportive and familiar situation as well as an annual concert for family and friends. 

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